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ICQ Navigator — a single tool for communication and monitoring your loved ones

ICQ Navigator

Single tool for communication and monitoring your loved ones


New version (0.9.70 from 14.02.2017):
more stability and added smiles for send via popup-window message
Новая версия (0.9.70 from 14.02.2017):
повышена стабильность работы и добавлены смайлы для отправки из Popup-окна


— Search contacts by filter/criteria
(поиск собеседников по различным критериям)

Colorful Emoji smileys for exchange emotions
(красочные эмодзи-смайлы для выражения эмоций)

— OTR and SSL messages encryption
(стойкое шифрование сообщений)

— Show contacts (all protocols) on map
(отображение контактов на карте - все протоколы)

— Formated location address in profile view
(адрес местонахождения в свойствах контакта)

— Popup (+sound) incoming message
(всплывающие окна входящих сообщений со звуком)

— Multi-protocol and multi-account chat support
(поддержка различных чат-сервисов и нескольких учетных записей)

ICQ Navigator — chat application for mobile devices that allows you to learn the location of your friends in your contact list and display their current location on the map using the GSM / Wi-Fi / GPS- coordinates, to find and make new friends with the same interests around you.

ICQ Navigator — a universal chat client that works with a large variety of protocols and in different social networks : ICQ (Oscar), Classmates, GTalk (Google), XMPP (Jabber), Ya-line (chat Yandex ), etc.

ICQ Navigator — the most simple and convenient tool for monitoring children today. How do I know where the child is? Just install the application "ICQ Navigator" in your child's phone and you can always find out where he is and when he returns. At the same time he can comfortably communicate with your friends in chat.

ICQ Navigator — lets not lose sight of your loved ones or relatives, especially true for the elderly. How to know where is the wife, husband, grandmother, grandfather, brother, sister? Encourage them to install the application "ICQ Navigator" in the smartphone and you'll always know where to come for help in case of an emergency.

Android, current version 0.9.70 from 14.02.2017

Download and install an application from Google Play

Report to us
an error in the program!


For phones (J2ME: obsolete phones supporting Java 2 ME; Symbian S60: Nokia)

(if it was up to any version - FIRST delete old!)

For ordinary phones ( protocol : ICQ; java, no touch-screen):
[нет информации]:
(Downloads: 35506)

For touchscreen phones ( protocol : ICQ; java, touch-screen):
[нет информации]: Download
(Downloads: 9342)

Optional (for the correct operation of the main application ):
  • If you have a Nokia S60 v9.x, then download the correct operation ICQNavHelper.sis and run.
  • If you have a Nokia S60 old model (v6-v8), also download and install Python to run ICQNavHelper.sis: pyS60v8.sis
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